Nanomanipulators - miBot BT-10 from Imina Technologies

The miBot BT-10 from Imina Technologies is the smallest nanometer resolution manipulator on the market. The use of piezo actuators in a revolutionary mobile motion technology makes the miBot both extremely precise and very easy to control. Diverse micro-tools can be mounted on the miBot tool holder, which makes it particularly well-suited for R&D applications in material science, microelectronics and photonics, whenever in situ physical interactions with the sample are sought.

Key Features and benefits of the Nanomanipulator miBot BT-10

  • Ultra compact design
    • High mechanical and thermal stability
    • Short leverage for reduced sensitivity to vibrations
    • Monolithic design for higher robustness
  • Extreme high resolutions of positioning on large travel range
    • Piezoelectric actuators working in stepping and scanning mode
    • Virtually no motion limitation
    • High operating velocity
    • No backlash
  • High modularity & versatility
    • SEM / FIB microscopes compatible
    • Optical (light) microscopes compatible
    • Several plugin micro-tools for use in many applications
  • Unprecedented ease-of-use
    • No mounting screws
    • Pre-positioning by hand
    • Fast setting-up and reconfiguration
    • Easy transfer from one microscope to another
    • Fast micro-tool exchange
    • Intuitive control with control pad and software interface
    • No coupling movements
    • Extremely short training period
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