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Anton Paar Micro Scratch Tester (MST)

Anton Paar Micro Scratch Tester (MST)

The Micro Scratch Tester is widely used to define the exact characterization of the adhesion failure of thin films and coatings, with a typical thickness below 5 µm. Additionally, the MST can be used in the analysis of organic and inorganic, soft and hard coatings. Applications cover thin and multilayer PVD, CVD, PECVD, photoresist, paints, lacquers, and various other types of films. Industries and research areas use this instrument for the followings; optical coatings, microelectronics, protective, decorative surface coatings. Substrates may be hard or soft, including metal alloys, semiconductors, glass, organic and refractive materials.


  • Diamond stylus
  • Automated optical microscopic inspection
  • Feedback controlled force actuator
  • Scratch depth measurement
  • Surface profiling


  • y-direction swinging mode option
  • High resolution Video, Conscan and AFM viewing
  • Wide range of indenter tips
  • Indentation testing option
  • Temperature staging
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