Renishaw Compact Raman System for Process Monitoring

Renishaw Compact Raman System for Process Monitoring

The Renishaw RA100 is a compact Raman system for process monitoring and bulk material analysis.

It enables in situ Raman monitoring in the laboratory, pilot plant, or process line.


The Renishaw RA100 compact Raman system features:

  • Rugged components for an extended trouble-free lifetime
  • Optimum optical design for rapid analysis with short exposure times
  • Modular architecture allows rapid switch-over of components to reduce down-time
  • Simple turnkey operation ensures the system is very easy to use and requires little operator training
  • Cooled detector for high sensitivity, enabling the analysis of thin samples or weak scatterers
  • Clean room design is suitable for Class 100 clean room environments
  • Multiple sampling stations. With up to four sampling stations per control unit, users have great flexibility of deployment, and can achieve considerable system cost reductions
  • Remote sampling. Each sampling station may be 100 m away from the control unit (with optional extended cables), allowing monitoring at a variety of locations simultaneously
  • Multiple laser support. Up to four lasers (of the same or differing wavelengths) can be used, each one serving one or more sampling stations
  • Internal calibration source enables the system to be calibrated rapidly and easily; data integrity is ensured, without time-consuming long calibration runs
  • Optional external reference source enables intensity values to be calibrated and compared between different instruments
  • Uses Renishaw data and user-interface standards so that current Raman microscope users can begin operating the RA100 with minimal training
  • Custom analysis program (CAP) enables solutions to be tailored to individual customers needs
  • Multi-library search capability allows spectral libraries to be grouped and searched together to give a very wide coverage


RA100 Raman analysers can be equipped with almost all of the accessories of the inVia series of Raman microscopes, and in particular the range of fibre optic probes and temperature, humidity, and pressure cells.

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