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inVia Raman Microscope from Renishaw

inVia Raman Microscope from Renishaw

inVia Raman microscopes from Renishaw are high-sensitivity systems with integrated research grade microscopes, enabling high resolution confocal measurements.

inVia Raman microscopes support multiple lasers, with automatic software switching of excitation wavelength.

inVia Raman Microscope Cconfigurations

inVia Raman microscopes are available in two standard configurations, inVia and inVia Reflex.

Intermediate configurations can be matched to satisfy customer’s needs fully, without compromising the ability to upgrade later to a fully automated inVia Reflex Raman microscope.


Features of the inVia and inVia Reflex Raman Microscopes include:

  • Research grade microscope
    Renishaw has selected Leica microscopes for incorporation within inVia Raman systems, ensuring inVia Raman microscopes have the high optical efficiency and high stability necessary for rapid, reliable operation.
  • Precision grating stage
    inVia Raman microscopes’ ultra-high precision diffraction grating stages and SynchroScan spectrum acquisition technology ensure your spectra are accurate and reproducible.
  • True imaging
    inVia Raman microscopes’ Raman and photo-luminescence imaging option allows you to determine the spatial distribution of materials rapidly.
  • Near-excitation Raman
    inVia Raman microscopes’ NExT filter option makes the study of near-excitation Raman bands easy. Now you can have the tuneability and near-excitation performance of a traditional triple grating system, without sacrificing the high optical efficiency you need for routine samples.
  • Honeycomb baseplate
    inVia Raman microscopes’ rigid lightweight baseplate with precision kinematic mounts results in a highly stable system that allows lasers to be exchanged with ease.
  • Flexible sampling
    inVia Raman microscopes support many sampling accessories (fibre-optic probes, temperature control stages, etc.), maximizing the range of samples that can be examined.
  • UV excitation
    inVia Raman microscopes’ multiple optical path design enables UV lasers to be used easily and efficiently, without compromising the performance of any visible or near-infrared lasers.
  • Sensitivity
    Renishaw’s RenCam CCD detector, with its ultra-low noise, high sensitivity detector chip options, and low noise level electronics, is ideal for the most demanding Raman spectroscopy applications.
  • Fibre optic probes
    Renishaw’s fibre optic probes extend the range of measurement possibilities into applications where the sample cannot conveniently be brought to the instrument. inVia Raman microscopes’ integral optics permit fibre optic probes to be used easily, and with high optical efficiency.

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