Ultra Precision 3D Optical Profiler - CCI HD from Taylor Hobson

Optical profiler with thin & thick film measurement capability

The new CCI HD merges world leading non-contact dimensional measurement capability with advanced thin and thick film technology.

Talysurf CCI delivers results you can trust with industry leading performance...

Features of the CCI HD include:

  • Film thickness measurement from 5¼m down to 300 nm or less
  • 4 million pixel camera for high resolution imaging over a large area
  • Auto-range and auto-fringe-find for ease of use
  • Single mode of operation over all scan ranges for data you can trust
  • Strong, stable and robust closed loop Z scanning mechanism

High Definition Imaging

Easier, Quicker, Better - high resolution measurement on the CCI HD

"The move to high definition detectors has opened up many new possibilities; collecting high resolution data over large areas quickly provides benefit to all customers." Dr Mike Conroy - Interferometer Specialist

Easier - These cameras remove the need for FOV optics and reduce the constant switching of objectives required with traditional interferometers, reducing the overall cost and complexity of system operation.

Quicker - The ability to measure at high resolution over a large areas means that there is less need for stitched measurement. When stitching is required larger areas mean the speed of data collection is greatly improved.

Better - software zooming can be used to study multiple areas from one single measurement; the large number of datapoints allows measurement of roughness and waviness from one dataset.

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