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Anton Paar Revetest Scratch Tester

Anton Paar Revetest Scratch Tester

The REVETEST® Scratch Testing instrument is globally regarded as the paradigm system for characterizing hard-coated materials, with a typical coating thickness of several microns. Coatings may be organic or inorganic, covering Tribological, magnetic and decorative applications, i.e. PVD, CVD, PECVD, metallization and passivation layers, friction and wear protective coatings. Substrates include metals, alloys, semiconductors, glass, minerals, refractive and organic materials.

Anton Paar is the world leader in Scratch testing with more than 1000 Revetests sold worldwide.


Feedback-controlled force actuator
Acoustic emission detection
Optical microscope with video camera
PC controlled operation
Long term stability of calibration
Compatible to ASTM C1624 and EN 1071


Verification kit for load, friction force and penetration depth 
High resolution video camera
Acoustic emission detection
Wide range of indenter tips

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