Anton Paar Nano Tribometer (NTR)

Anton Paar Nano Tribometer (NTR)

In Nanotribometry, a flat, a pin or a sphere is loaded onto the test sample with a precisely defined force. The friction coefficient is to be determined during the test operation by measuring the deflection force on the arm. Wear coefficients for the pin and disk materials are accurately calculated from the volume of material lost during the test operation. This straightforward method facilitates the study of friction and wear behaviors of almost every single solid material combination with or without lubricant. Besides, control of the test parameters such as speed, frequency, contact pressure, time and the environmental parameters (temperature, humidity and lubricant) enables us to concretely reproduce the real world conditions of a practical wear situation.

The Anton Paar Nano Tribometer is a unique instrument since its low load range down to 50µN. This instrument can perform both the linear reciprocating and rotating mode. One outstanding feature of all the Anton Paar Tribometers is that the experiment stops automatically when the coefficient of friction reaches a threshold value or when a specified number of turns are reached. Furthermore, the Tribometer is supplied with an enclosure so that a controlled atmosphere of varying humidity or composition can be used. Specialized versions of the Tribometer have been created for high and low temperature operations, reciprocating motion and high vacuum testing. The Nano Tribometer is equipped with a depth measuring sensor for real-time display of depth information that is important in studying the time dependent wear properties. Additionally, an electrical conductivity option can enable testing of electrical insulation of coatings.


  • Unique dual beam cantilever with normal load applied up to 1000mN (resolution 5 nN)
  • 2 independent high resolution capacitive sensorss for normal load and friction force
  • Rotative and/or linear reciprocating motion
  • High resolution capacitive sensors combined with piezo actuator
  • Low noice floor for microtribological measurements
  • Rotative module with angular sensor
  • Advanced linear module with displacement sensor
  • Wide range of cantilevers available


  • Adhesion measurements
  • Optical video microscope or AFM
  • X and Y motorized stage
  • Temperature and relative humidity sensor
  • Continuous wear depth measurement
  • Dedicated sample holders
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