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USB4000-FL Spectrofluorometer from Ocean Optics

The USB4000-FL Spectrofluorometers are preconfigured, fully integrated fluorescence spectrometers. The USB4000-FL-450 comes with a USB-LS-450 direct-attach light source while the USB4000-FL-395 comes with an LS-395 LED Module. These spectrofluorometers can be used for general fluorescence measurements.

The USB4000-FL-450 is available for $3523.  The USB4000-FL-395 is available for $3523

The USB4000-FL spectrofluorometers cover the 360-1100 nm wavelength range. They feature a 200 µm entrance aperture and an L4 Detector Collection Lens to increase light-collection efficiency and reduce stray light.

The direct-attach USB-LS-450 Pulsed Blue LED Light Source is designed as an excitation source that produces either pulsed or continuous output centered at 470 nm for fluorescence measurements.

The direct-attach USB-LS-395 produces either pulsed or continuous output centered at 395 nm.

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