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QuantaMaster 40 UV VIS Spectrofluorometer from Photon Technology

Each of PTI's diverse fluorometer systems is designed with particular user needs in mind. The QuantaMaster™ 40 UV VIS spectrofluorometer is PTI's basic bench-top fluorometer, and is designed for the user who wants:


Sensitivity in a fluorometer determines the ultimate detection limit. Sensitivity defines: how small a quantity can be detected, how long the measurement will take and how accurate the measurement will be. The ability to measure minute amounts of a substance can also save money, particularly in situations where expensive reagents or precious biological materials are used.


Less power in, more power out, more efficient use of energy, and a sealed housing with no ozone pollution, makes the PTI QuantaMaster™ the first and only Eco-friendly spectrofluorometer system.

Attomolar detection limit

The proof for sensitivity is in the measurement, PTI's QuantaMaster™ 40 spectrofluorometer system is the only one that can measure 460 attomolar.

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