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Multi-Mode Electron Microscope, LVEM5 from Delong - SEM, TEM and STEM

The Delong LVEM5 features a benchtop design, which is a significant departure from classical TEM architecture, and is 90% smaller than conventional electron microscopes.

This is made possible by the short electron optic column, which makes up only 50% of the LVEM5's height. This means that the LVEM5 can be easily installed almost anywhere electron imaging is needed.

Traditional electron microscopes generally require active cooling to remove the heat produced by the electromagnetic lenses. The LVEM5 features permanent magnet lenses that remove the necessity for cooling. In addition, its electron optics column includes a backscattered electron detector (BSE) so that scanning electron microscopy (SEM) can also be carried out in parallel.

TEM Mode

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) involves the penetration of the electron beam through thin sections of bulk materials, or nanoparticles deposited onto thin films.

The enhanced native contrast advantage of the LVEM5 is most pronounced in TEM mode.

The LVEM5 is the only transmission electron microscope available in a benchtop configuration. The LVEM5’s small size means that it can be installed in almost any lab or workspace, without the need for cooling, vibration isolation, or any of the other requirements for classical TEMs.

TEM Mode Specification

Operation Voltage 5kV
Resolution Base Model 2nm
With TEM BOOST 1.2 nm
Magnification Range Base Model 2,200x - 202,000x
With TEM BOOST 1,400x - 700,000x
Image Capture size 512x512, 1024x1024, 2056x2056
Electron Source Field Emission Gun (FEG)
Motorized stage Standard

SEM Mode

In Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) mode, the beam never transmits through the sample, but is scanned across the surface of the sample. Electrons that rebound off the sample are collected by a special back scattered electron detector (BSE) and an image of the surface structure and composition is created.

The LVEM5's software and hardware controller is simple to use, so that anyone can use it, not just trained technicians. The remote control panel is ergonomically designed, and can be positioned as required.

SEM Mode Specifications

Operation Voltage 5kV
Resolution 3nm
Detector BSE
Magnification Range 640x - 100,000x
Image Capture Size 512x512, 1024x1024, 2056x2056
Electron Source Field Emission Gun (FEG)
Motorized Stage Standard


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