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Functional Coating System FCS 4000F from Beneq Oy

The Beneq FCS 4000F is a heavy-duty production system designed for continuous in-line coating on float glass lines. The main applications are nAERO�-based transparent conductive oxide (TCO) for solar and Low-e for architectural glass. The FCS 4000F can also be equipped with the nHALO� coating process.

With high efficiency of raw material usage, excellent coating quality and low cost-of-ownership, the FCS 4000F is the solution to many glass manufacturers' needs. The FCS 4000F is able to house either nAERO�or nHALO� coating prosesses, thus opening the door to a number of competitive applications in the glass manufacturing industry. Applications include TCO and Low-e (nAERO) as well as glass coloration and surface doping (nHALO).

The main components of the FCS 4000F are:

  • Underlayer coating beam (optional, application-specific)
  • nAERO or nHALO process coating beams (number of beams application-specific)
  • Gas supply system (1 - 3 cabinets)
  • Process material supply system (1 - 3 cabinets)
  • Process control system (PLC with PC interface)
  • In-line quality control (application-specific)

The FCS 4000F functional coating beam is predominantly integrated into the float line, immediately after the tin bath, in a region commonly known as the A0 (A-zero) zone. This location fulfils the requirements the coating processes have on the glass to be coated. The system itself can be installed either during construction of a new line or as a retrofit, given the necessary opening after the tin bath exists. The main design criteria for the FCS 4000F are, besides coating capabilities, reliability, durability and safety, three factors which are acknowledged to be crucial for float line production continuity.

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