EQS Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Bolt On SIMS Analyser from Hiden Analytical

State of the art, bolt-on SIMS probe for integration into your existing UHV surface science chamber

  • Static / Dynamic SIMS with energy analysis
  • Integral front end ioniser for RGA
  • Composition / contamination analysis
  • Depth profiling
  • Leak detection and desorbed gas analysis
  • Compatible with Hiden SIMS Workstation
  • Suitable for FIB-SIMS integration

Specification for 1000 Series EQS

  • 5x105 cps/nA for 27Al+ from Al target under 5keV Ar+ bombardment
  • 100 cps/nA for Cs(CsI)3+ at 913amu from CsI target under 5keV O2+ bombardment

The EQS secondary ion mass spectrometer for the analysis of secondary positive and negative ions from solid samples, featuring:

  • High Sensitivity Pulse Ion Counting detector with 7 decade dynamic range.
  • Raster Control for enhanced depth profiling and imaging with integrated signal gating.
  • 45° Electrostatic Sector analyser, scan energy at 0.05 eV increments/ 0.25eV FWHM.
  • Minimum perturbation of ion flight path & constant ion transmission at all energies.
  • Triple filter Quadrupole, mass options to 2500 amu.
  • Penning Gauge and interlocks to provide over pressure protection.
  • Differentially pumped option for use in high pressure environments.
  • MASsoft control via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet LAN.
  • Easily interfaced to existing systems
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