Nano Indenter G300 U9830A from Keysight

Nano Indenter G300  U9830A  from Keysight

The Nano Indenter G300 utilizes a stage that supports samples with diameters up to 300 mm. An excellent long-term investment for industrial users, it provides a fast, reliable method for acquiring mechanical data on uncut silicon wafers.

The G300 permits testing of multiple layers, facilitating product development and failure analysis which can have a significant effect on yield, performance and longevity to devices.

Electromagnetic actuation allows unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement. It enables measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude from nanometers to millimeters.


  • Results compliant with ISO 14577
  • Sample stage for specimens with dia. up to 300 mm
  • Full testing automation lets instrument run unattended
  • Flexibility, upgradability for repeatable or new applications
  • Dynamic properties characterization via CSM by indent depth
  • Real-time control, easy protocol development, drift compensation


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