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Bruker UMT-1 - Universal Materials Testing Platform - Nanoscale and Microscale Indentation and Scratch Testing

Bruker's UMT-1 nano- and micro-mechanical test instrument platform provides ultimate flexibility in indentation and scratch testing. The system utilizes six interchangeable mechanical heads that enable easy conversion from indenter to scratch tester, and between micro and nanoscale capabilities.

The modular elements of the UMT-1 also include a high-magnification microscope and imaging modules (AFM and 3D stylus profiler). This unique design enables the UMT-1 to tackle thin film nanoindenting and nanoscratching with the same superior performance that it handles micro-mechanical testing of coatings and bulk materials, and it can switch between these tasks in less than 2 minutes.


  • Automotive, Aerospace
  • Microelectronics
  • Electric Contacts
  • Metals, Ceramics
  • Bio Materials, Medical
  • MEMs, Optics
  • Flexible & Hard Media
  • Composite Materials
  • Lubricants, Additives
  • Thin Films, Coatings
  • Polymers, Elastomers
  • Paper, Fabric

Technical Highlights

Multiple Tests on nano, micro and macro scales:

  • Static and dynamic friction
  • Ultra-low-speed (0.1 micro/s) stick-slip
  • Adhesive, abrasive and scratching wear
  • Pull-off adhesion/striction
  • Scratch-adhesion and delamination
  • Indentation, hardness and elastic modulus
  • Multi-cycle, multi-axis fatigue
  • Strain, elasticity, plasticity and creep
  • Compression, tension and torsion
  • Three-point bending

Multiple Sensors for in situ test monitoring:

  • Ultra-precision force sensors of the proprietary technology and patented design (1 µN to 1 kN)
  • 6-D sensors for simultaneous measurements of 3 forces and 3 torques in all X, Y and Z axes
  • High-frequency acoustic emission sensors of the proprietary design, ultra-sensitive to tiniest cracks and wear
  • Wear and deformation sensors of micro (0.5 micron) and nano (20 nm) resolution
  • Contact and surface electrical resistance (nOhms to MOhms) for detection of film failure or buildup
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Integrated vision system for micro-positioning and digital video of the failure dynamics
  • Integrated AFM for periodic nano-imaging of test surfaces, wear tracks, indents and scratches

Precision Servo-Control of loads, speeds, and positions for uniquely reproducible data and highly productive tests, e.g., repeatable different loads on different specimen areas for multi-test results from single tests

Multiple Synchronized linear and rotary motions of upper and lower specimens in all X, Y, and Z axes, including oscillations (up to 60 Hz), for sophisticated multi-axis tests, e.g., with spiral, zigzag or butterfly scratch/wear tracks

Multiple Chambers with computer-controlled temperature (-25 to 1000°C), humidity (10 to 95% RH),vacuum (up to 10-6 Torr), gases Interchangeable motion and sensor modules are easily swapped within minutes

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