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UMT-2 Versatile Nanotribometer & Microtribometer from Bruker

Bruker's UMT-2 Nano+Micro Tribometer is the most versatile nano- and microtribometer in the world.

It features a multiple-configuration, fully-computerized, single-instrument platform that utilizes Bruker's acclaimed and unique modular design, and can perform practically every common tribological test on nano and micro scales.

Due to its range of testing and configurations, the UMT-2 is used by a wide variety of industries, such as biomedical, microelectronics, paper, and coatings.

Standard Tests

UMT and its drives and accessories can be configured to conduct over 20 standard ASTM, ISO or DIN tribology tests. The most common are:

  • „„Pin/Ball-on-Disk
  • „„Disc/Plate-on-Disc/Plate
  • „„Indenter-on-Plate
  • „„Crossed Cylinders
  • „„4-Ball Test

These tests can be performed dry or in liquid, at room temperature or at elevated
temperatures, and under humidity or in vacuum.

Custom Application-Based Tests

Apart from the standard tribology and mechanical property tests, UMT users find huge benefit in adapting the platform for custom tests on real parts. The highly adapatable tests have been used in:

  • „„Automotive & Aerospace
  • „„Microelectronics
  • „„Electrical Components
  • „„Metals, Ceramics
  • „„Bio Materials, Medical
  • „„MEMs, Optics
  • „„Disk Drive Media
  • „„Composite Materials
  • „„Lubricants & Additives
  • „„Thin Films & Coatings
  • „„Polymers & Elastomers
  • „„Paper & Fabric
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