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Nanolane Marked SURFS Slides

Marked Surfs slides enable you to quickly and accurately locate your nano-objects prior to high resolution imaging, mapping, local physical measurements, surface elemental/chemical analysis by SPM/AFM, microRaman, microFTIR, XPS, SIMS etc.

Marked Surfs slides do not fundamentally differ from standard Surfs slides in terms of their optical properties as contrast-enhancing sample substrates in SEEC microscopy, but they bear a grid whose periodical features enables users to locate with ease and accuracy samples of nanometric dimensions that sit on the substrate’s surface.

This pattern consists of silica lines and dots of around 30 nm in height. They can easily be made out by any optical device such as a video camera, binoculars, a microscope and the like. This added characteristic undoubtedly singles out Marked Surfs as choice substrates when locating nano-objects/films through SEEC microscopy is of primary importance ahead of local investigations through AFM, Raman, XPS, SIMS, IR and so forth.

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