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Nanolane SARFUS Mapping Lite

SARFUS Mapping Lite is a hardware-free plug-in that renders your existing optical setup (i.e. an upright reflected light microscope associated with a colour camera) capable of measuring the optical thickness of thin transparent films in air up to 60 nm in thickness.


  • 1 copy of Sarfusoft Lite v1.0 along with 1 USB dongle and user’s manual in pdf format on a CD
  • Free software updates for one year from delivery date
  • 1 generic box of 49 opaque, SiO2 SURFs (SAUS-10-B49)
  • 1 calibration standard (contains a series of flights of 7 step height standards!)
  • 1 year’s worth of customer support through phone/e-mail/Skype
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