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Nanolane SARFUS Mapping Station

The SARFUS Mapping Station is a complete system dedicated to the observation of nano-objects in real-time using SEEC (Surface Enhanced Ellipsometric Contrast), and the measurement of ultra-thin film thickness in dry and in liquid. Each component of this product has been carefully chosen to ensure the image quality of your samples as well as the accuracy of the nanometric measurement. This station includes:

  • Research Optical Microscope, certified SARFUS measurement; 3-CCD numerical camera
  • Sarfusoft software: image acquisition with timelapse, 2D-3D transformation
  • Surface analysis software (Mountains Technology)
  • Calibration standard, traceable to PTB standard
  • PC and high resolution display
  • Surfs

Key Features:

  • High sensitivity (z-axis)
    • 1-D nano-object (film): down to 0.1nm
    • 2-D nano-object (tube/wire): down to 2nm across
    • 3-D nano-object (particle): down to 10nm across
  • Large field of view
    • 1150µm x 870µm [10x Air]
    • 230µm x 170µm [50x Air]
    • 251µm x 189µm [40x Water]
    • 159µm x 120µm [63x Water]
    • Other magnifications available
  • Direct Acquisition & Real Time
    • HD images [1360 x 1024] pixels
    • Time-lapse (up to 15 images per second)
    • Live video acquisition
  • Non destructive and non-invasive
  • User friendly & Fast processing
    • Familiar technology (optical microscope)
    • No need for specific training
  • Fluorescence compatible
  • Lateral resolution - down to 350nm
  • Measurement range: 1nm to 60nm
  • Repeatability: 0.2 nm (according to ISO 17025)
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