TGA-HP High Pressure TGA- TA Instruments

TGA-HP High Pressure TGA- TA Instruments

Designed to address the most demanding applications, the TA Instruments TGA-HP50 instrument is a specialty gravimetric analyzer which provides unique capabilities for High-Pressure, Ultra-High Vacuum, and High-Temperature under static or dynamic reactive atmospheres. These experimental conditions open new doors for the investigation of novel applications such as hydrogen storage materials, carbon sequestration technology, and catalyst development.

The TGA-HP50 employs a high-sensitivity balance with 5 gram capacity and sensitivity of 0.5 micrograms. The TGA-HP50 is the instrument of choice for high-pressure studies (up to 50 Bar) at measurement temperatures up to 800°C, and can accommodate a variety of gas compositions under high-pressure static or dynamic flow. Our standard Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) accessory provides atmospheres down to 1 x 10-6 torr.

The TGA-HP50 is ideal for catalyst studies, hydrogen sorption, and CO2 sequestration analysis. The effluent gas stream from the TGA-HP50 is reduced to ambient pressure to accommodate real-time evolved gas analysis using either mass spectrometry or FTIR analysis.

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