Dionex DX-500 Ion Chromatography System from Conquer Scientific

The DX-500 Ion Chromatography (IC) System available from Conquer Scientific has the latest eluent delivery system. Combined with intelligent chromatography data handling and automated eluent generation features, this ion chromatography system is precise, reliable and flexible. The entire operations ranging from sample preparation to eluent generation are fully automated. These aspects promote an integrated laboratory that works quickly and efficiently.

The DX-500 IC system provides excellent performance and has unprecedented reproducibility and sensitivity. Major advancements such as the advent of the AutoSelect AS50 Autosampler, introduction of the EG40 Eluent Generator, and enhanced eluent delivery system of the GP50 pump make the DX-500 IC a high-tech ion chromatograph having exceptional analytical performance.

Key Features

Product features of the Dionex DX-500 Ion Chromatography System are:

  • Dionex EG40 Eluent Generator
  • Dionex AS50 Autosampler
  • Dionex AD20/AD25 UV-Vis Absorbance Detector
  • Dionex LC20 Chromatography Enclosure
  • Dionex GP40 Gradient Pump
  • Dionex CD20 Conductivity Detector
  • Computer with PeakNet software
  • Dionex E01 Eluent/Solvent Organizer

Optional Features

  • Dionex LC25 Chromatography Oven
  • Dionex IP25 Isocratic Pump
  • Dionex AS40 Autosampler
  • Dionex LC30 Chromatography Oven
  • Dionex ED40 Electrochemical Detector
  • Dionex AS50 Thermal Compartment
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