Leco LM300-Series Microindentation Hardness Testing System

Leco LM300-Series Microindentation Hardness Testing System

Whether you are in a production facility or a research lab, LECO's LM-Series Microindentation Hardness Testing Systems offer you a wide variety of models (including analog and digital) with the advanced features you need at a price that is right.

Image Quality

Field and aperture diaphragms, a centerable light source, and available interchangeable filters provide metallograph quality illumination.

Load Ranges

Test load ranges from 1 to 2000 gf available in four different configurations.

Interchangeable Color Filters

Optimize for your material and method of observation. Green filter is standard.

Features of Leco LM300-Series Microindentation Hardness Testing System

  • Durable membrane control panel with digital display
  • Equipped with simple printing and data transfer capabilities
  • Two precision photoetched measuring lines
  • Changeable field and aperture diaphragm
  • Dual leafspring indenter supports for centered indentations, greater accuracy, and excellent repeatability
  • Manual or auto turret
  • A variety or objectives from 2.5X to 100X
  • Available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic video/image analysis systems
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