EVG150 Automated Resist Processing System from EV Group

Designed as a fully modular platform, the EVG150 allows automated spray/spin/develop processess and high-thoroughput performance. The EVG150 produces highly uniform coats and improves repeatability to suit these needs. Wafers with high topography can be uniformly coated by EVG’s OmniSpray® technology, where traditional spin coating encounters limitations.


  • OmniSpray® (x/y or rotational spray coating)
  • Spinner modules for coating (spin) or developing
  • Bake modules
  • Chill modules
  • Cost effective system for optimized production
  • Sophisticated field-proven wafer handling by robot
  • System customized for best benefit, including tooling (chucks), handling (robot endeffector, pre-aligner) and modules
  • Options
    • OmniSpray ® coating for optimized coating of high topography surfaces
    • Temperature controlled resist & developer lines
    • Bake modules for up to 350 °C
    • Vapor prime
    • Handling of thick, bowed or small diameter wafers
    • Handling of ultrathin and fragile substrates
    • SMIF Input output modules (for 150 + 200 mm)
    • FOUP load ports (for 200 + 300 mm)
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