Leco LM700-Series Microindentation Hardness Testing System

Leco LM700-Series Microindentation Hardness Testing System

LECO's advanced Microindentation Testing Systems help you meet today's quality standards, as well as the challenges tomorrow's new materials present.

Advanced Touch Panel Display

All operating parameters are easily accessible with the touch of a finger. The display is easy to read, easy-to-use, and reliable.

Fracture Toughness Value (Kc)

The authorized valuation method JIS R167/IF comes standard and allows you to find the fracture toughness of fine ceramics or other new materials.

Interchangeable Color Filters

Optimize for your material and method of observation. Green filter is standard.

Automatic Lamp Control

During sample loading, the light automatically shuts off, extending the life of the bulb.

Load Ranges

Test load ranges from 1 to 2000 gf available in four different configurations.

Hardness Conversion

Hardness conversion scales are conveniently displayed on the operation panel for you, in compliance with SAE (J-417b) and ASTM (E-140).

Quick and Easy Auto-Turret Test Sequence

After focusing, simply press the START button and the turret automatically positions the indenter, runs the test, and returns to the objective. You get more precise centering since the auto-turret returns to the same spot every time without ever being touched by the operator.

Image Quality

Field and aperture diaphragms, a centerable light source, and available interchangeable filters provide metallograph quality illumination. LM700-Series Microindentation Hardness Tester can be upgraded for various levels of automation with optional accessories such as printing, video measuring, automatic stages, and automatic test and measuring.

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