Nanosurf Acoustic Enclosure 300/500 for STM or AFM

Nanosurf Acoustic Enclosure 300/500 for STM or AFM

The Acoustic Enclosure 300/500, available from Nanosurf, has been specifically designed for high-resolution measurements in noisy environments. The system provides excellent acoustic protection for Nanosurf STM or AFM system, and also protects them from electricity, light and air flow disturbances. The Acoustic Enclosure 300 is similar to the Acoustic Enclosure 500, but the latter model provides larger volume.

Key Features

The product features of the Acoustic Enclosure 300/500 are:

  • Metallic foam inner lining offers excellent sound isolation and electromagnetic protection
  • Self-locking hood having release knob on front provides convenient access to scan head and sample


The specifications of the Acoustic Enclosure 300/500 are provided in the table below:





40 cm / 75 cm

60 cm / 120 cm


30 kg

80 kg

Inner free volume

34×34×34 cm

56×50×55 cm


55×55 cm

83×80 cm


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