Nanosurf Isostage - Isolation Stage for AFM (Atomic Force Microscopes)

Nanosurf Isostage - Isolation Stage for AFM (Atomic Force Microscopes)

The Nanosurf Isostage is an advanced and compact active vibration isolation system that helps protect scans from vibration disturbances. It comes with Adapter Plates for Mobile S, Easyscan 2, and Nanite AFM systems, thus providing an ideal vibration isolation solution for all Nanosurf AFM systems. The system can be utilized with the FlexAFM Sample Stage.

Similar to the passive Nanosurf Stages, the Nanosurf Isostage enables the placement of the Nanosurf Easyscope (Easyscan 2 system only) and Nanosurf Micrometer Translation Stage (all systems) for users’ convenience.

Key Features

The product features of the Nanosurf Isostage are:

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Eliminates the need for tuning or adjustment prior to use
  • Includes transport lock buttons for operation
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