Nanosurf Easyscan 2 Modular SPM

The Nanosurf Easyscan 2 is a modular SPM tool that is specifically designed for industrial and scientific research. This surface analysis tool is affordably-priced and can be upgraded to meet future requirements, thus removing the need for off-the-shelf solutions.

The SPM system is equipped with one controller and several types of scan heads. It provides many upgrade possibilities and comes in two models: the Nanosurf Easyscan 2 AFM and the Nanosurf Easyscan 2 STM.

Key Features

The product features of the Nanosurf Easyscan 2 Modular SPM are:

  • Stand-alone design allows direct measurement on small and large samples
  • Cantilever Alignment Chip technology enables easy and instant tip exchange without requiring any laser adjustments
  • Automatic approach and dual lens observation optics are suitable for nanotechnology education and research
  • Excellent ratio with various upgrade possibilities
  • Fast atomic resolution on a normal table eliminates the need for costly vibration isolation
  • Compact, portable, and easy to use and install
  • Accessible sample stage and scanning tip
  • Low operating voltage makes it safe for all users
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