Struers Duramin-1 and -2 Microhardness Testers

The Duramin microhardness testers from Struers allow you to perform Vickers and Knoop hardness tests reliably, reproducibly and accurately on metallic and non-metallic materials. The automated test sequence means that testing can be carried out efficiently, saving you valuable time.

The tester has a range of nine loads, from 98.07 mN (10 g) to 19.61 N (2 kg), which can be selected by the unique patented load-interchange mechanism. Loading and unloading of the indenter with the chosen weight occurs automatically with the relevant information displayed on the tester’s LCD touchpad.

The manually operated mechanical stage is equipped with micrometer screws for accurate positioning of the sample.

Once the test point has been chosen, pressing the START button automatically moves the indenter into position, lowers it onto the specimen and then returns the lens to its original position for analysis of the indent (Duramin-2 only).

This high level of automation not only saves time, but also helps to avoid operator errors. The size of the indent is measured using the incremental probe after carefully positioning the two parallel filars. The maximum resolution of 0.01 µm enables the indent size to be measured very accurately. The measurement data is transferred to a microprocessor that calculates the hardness value and displays the result.

Features of Duramin-1 and -2 Microhardness Testers

  • Excellent reproducibility
  • User-friendly design
  • Patented automatic load-changing mechanism
  • Automatic lens turret (Duramin-2)
  • Simple menu-driven operation, values can be entered and displayed (in graphic or text mode) via the LCD touch-display
  • High resolution measurement probe. Minimum measurement unit 0.01 µm
  • High precision mechanical stage with micrometer screw arrangement for exact positioning in the x-y plane
  • Standard and rapid testing modes
  • Series and one-off measurements possible
  • Conversion between hardness scales (HR, HB, MPa, etc.)
  • Measurement statistics (max and min values, mean, standard deviation and bar chart)
  • RS 232C interface and printer port
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