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Compact NIR Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy System - C12132-11 from Hamamatsu

The C12132-11 near infrared compact fluorescence lifetime measurement system is specifically designed for determining photoluminescence (PL) lifetime and PL spectrum in the NIR region between 580 to 1400 nm. The main unit includes a YAG laser.

PL lifetime and PL spectrum of PV materials are closely related to the conversion efficiency. As a result, the PL lifetime and the PL spectrum are key parameters in material development and quality control. The PL lifetime measurement is particularly important as it provides a better understanding about the difference in conversion efficiency that otherwise cannot be differentiated via a PL spectrum.

Key Features

The product features of the C12132-11 near infrared compact fluorescence lifetime measurement system are:

  • Measures PL lifetime down to 200 ps utilizing de-convolution
  • Measures PL spectrum as the standard function
  • PL lifetime measurement in 580 nm to 1400 nm
  • Low temperature measurement
  • Multipoint measurement (Option)
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