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C11293-02 - NIR Streak Camera from Hamamatsu

C11293-02 - NIR Streak Camera from Hamamatsu

The C11293-02 streak camera available from Hamamatsu now offers much higher sensitivity in the near-infrared (NIR) region. The camera uses a new streak tube with semiconductor photocathode (InP/InGaAs) to deliver picosecond time-resolved measurements of low-level light emissions in the NIR region.

The NIR streak camera allows easy and efficient measurements with sweep repetition rates of about 20 MHz. The streak tube offers high signal to noise with low dark current through photocathode cooling to -100°C. Applications comprise time response of a variety of light sources and devices and time resolved spectroscopy measurements of different semiconductor materials.

Key Features

The product features of the C11293-02 streak camera are:

  • Multichannel measurement
  • Temporal resolution: 20 ps
  • Measurement wavelength: 1000 to 1650 nm


The applications of the C11293-02 streak camera are:

  • Photonic crystal research
  • Quantum nanostructures
  • Carbon nanotube research
  • Optical communication
  • Material for photovoltaics

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