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Ultra High Speed Universal Streak Camera for 200nm to 850nm - C10910-01 from Hamamatsu

The C10910-01 streak camera is an ultra high-speed detector, which is capable of capturing light emission phenomena occurring in very short periods of time. Besides excellent temporal resolution, the streak camera can capture spatial data concurrently.

The universal streak camera includes all the dedicated technology and know-how acquired by Hamamatsu over two decades of research. The streak tubes are designed on a standard production schedule to offer reliability and consistency. Hamamatsu also provides custom designs on special requests.

Key Features

The product features of the C10910-01 ultra high speed universal streak camera are:

  • USB control
  • UV to NIR wavelengths
  • Enhanced S/N with the internal MCP
  • Ultra-high sensitivity (detection of single photons)
  • Concurrent measurement of light intensity on temporal and spatial (wavelength) axis
  • A wide range of experimental setups ranging from single light emitting phenomena to high-speed repeated phenomena in the GHz domain


The applications of the C10910-01 ultra high speed universal streak camera are:

  • Optical communications, response measurement of quantum devices
  • Radiation, plasma light emission, laser ablation, combustion and explosions
  • Fluorescence lifetime measurement, time-resolved Raman spectroscopy, transient absorption measurement
  • Measurement of electron bunch for LINAC and synchrotron applications
  • idar Thomson scattering, laser distance measurement
  • Research involving free electron lasers and other types of pulsed lasers
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