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C7700-01 High Dynamic Range Streak Camera from Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu offers a new, high dynamic range streak camera dubbed C7700-01. The system can be used for highly accurate, concurrent measurement of weak- and high-intensity pulse, and is designed to manage a large number of photoelectrons. This aspect allows one-shot measurements of ultrafast phenomena with a D-range as high as 10000: 1.

Key Features

The product features of the C7700-01 high dynamic range streak camera are:

  • Temporal resolution of 5 ps
  • High dynamic range of 10 000:1
  • Effective photo cathode size: 17 mm
  • IEEE 488 (GP-IB) control
  • Concurrent measurement of light intensity on temporal and spatial (wavelength) axis


The applications of the C7700-01 high dynamic range streak camera are:

  • Radiation, laser ablation, plasma light emission, combustion and explosion
  • Research involving freeelectron lasers, laser fusion lasers, and other types of pulsed lasers
  • Picosecond transient absorption measurement
  • Fluorescence lifetime measurement, time-resolved raman spectroscopy
  • LIDAR Thomson scattering, time-of-flight laser ranging
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