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C4575-03 X-Ray Streak Camera for 10eV to 10keV from Hamamatsu

The C4575-03 X-ray streak camera available from Hamamatsu features a new X-ray streak tube that achieves very high spatial resolution and high temporal resolution. The camera is capable of detecting X-rays from 10 eV to 10 keV with a temporal resolution of 0.5 picoseconds. The system uses an image intensifier to acquire high gain (sensitivity) with high spatial resolution. In order to protect the streak image in digital format, a high-performance, 1MP cooled CCD camera is integrated in the system.

Key Features

The product features of the C4575-03 X-ray streak camera are:

  • Large photocathode: 8.6 mm
  • Temporal resolution: 0.5 ps or less FWHM (Calculated)
  • Concurrent measurements of position, time, and light intensity


The applications of the C4575-03 X-ray streak camera are:

  • X-ray laser
  • XFEL
  • X-ray plasma light emission
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