C10000-401 - High Dynamic Range Time Delay Integration Camera from Hamamatsu

C10000-401 - High Dynamic Range Time Delay Integration Camera from Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu offers a high dynamic range time delay integration camera called the C10000-401. The TDI camera can be used in various imaging applications that require high sensitivity and high speed operation concurrently. TDI is a unique image acquisition technique that is widely employed in machine vision applications for industrial inspection. This technique is suitable for those applications where a linear process needs to be recorded over a period to time, or where the aspect ratio of the subject being imaged is uneven. TDI imaging is apt for low light level scanning applications where a standard line scan camera cannot make an effective image. Additionally, frame readout mode is provided for easy focusing.

Key Features

The product features of the C10000-401 TDI camera are:

  • Excellent spectral response for UV-NIR with back thinned CCD
  • High speed imaging, high sensitivity and low noise
  • High resolution (horizontal spatial resolution with 128(V) TDI stages)
  • Line rate up to 50 kHz
  • Bi-directional scanning operation
  • Dynamic range of 800:1
  • Real time shading correction with internal DSP
  • 12 bit / 8 bit selectable A/D converter
  • 100× anti-blooming with lateral overflow drain
  • Frame readout mode for easy focusing


The applications of the C10000-401 TDI camera are:

  • Electronics manufacturing and inspection
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • High speed imaging for low light applications (fluorescence imaging)
  • High speed scanning for large size samples (flat panel displays)

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