Film Thickness Measurement Device - C10178-01 Optical NanoGauge from Hamamatsu

The Optical NanoGauge C10178-01 available from Hamamatsu is a film thickness measurement system that uses spectral interferometry. Using white light illumination, film thickness is recorded instantly and non-destructively. Spectral content of reflections from substrate interface and thin film surface are examined by curve fitting or Fast Fourier Transform methods. A photonic multichannel analyzer (PMA) is employed as a detector to calculate the spectral content with high accuracy and high sensitivity.

Key Features

The product features of the C10178-01 Optical NanoGauge are:

  • Real time measurement
  • High-speed and high-precise analysis
  • Optical constant analysis
  • Mapping function
  • Data transfer with other equipment (Remote communication)


The applications of the C10178-01 Optical NanoGauge are:

  • Semiconductor material – thin film, wafer film
  • Thickness/color measurement of FPD panel
  • Plastic film
  • Coating film
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