LEPAS-12 Precision Optical Laser Beam Profiler from Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu offers a precision optical laser beam profiler called LEPAS-12, which is an important tool for configuring an optical beam measurement system. The combination of the LEPAS-12, a digital camera and a dedicated optics enables highly accurate beam analysis utilizing advanced functions.

The laser beam profiler supports advanced digital cameras for beam measurement and achieves high spatial resolution across a broad dynamic range including pulsed light measurement. In addition to showing the measurement image, the LEPAS-12 validates analysis and measurement by utilizing a variety of display functions such as an XY profile display, 3D display, equiluminance display, and beam parameter display.

Key Features

The product features of the LEPAS-12 Precision Optical Laser Beam Profiler are:

  • High dynamic range measurement
  • High resolution measurement
  • Multiple camera inputs
  • External trigger function
  • Automatic measurement function
  • Beam intensity adjustment function
  • Controllable from user applications
  • Easy connection
  • Easy operation utilizing Windows XP/Vista/7
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