UP200Ht Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer from Hielscher

UP200Ht Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer from Hielscher

Hielscher offers an advanced handheld ultrasonic homogenizer called the UP200Ht, which includes innovative features such as intuitive operation, automatic data recording, digital control, touch screen, and ergonomic design to provide comfort and ease of use. The UP200Ht is part of the new range of Hielscher’s 200 W ultrasonic homogenizers that are available with a wide range of accessories.

The functions of the device combined with an array of accessories make it suitable for a broad range of applications and allow it to cover wide parameter configurations such as temperature, pressure, amplitude, glass sonotrode, and flow cell. The new 200 W homogenizer is flexible, user-friendly, and provides a high level of precision and control.

The UP200Ht ultrasonic device is integrated with a number of additional functions when compared to its predecessors, UP200S and UP200H. It delivers the same reliability and performance as its predecessors yet competently differs by its new ergonomic design.

Key Features

The product features of the UP200Ht ultrasonic homogenizer are:

  • Digital control and touch screen
  • Intuitive operation
  • Automatic data recording
  • Ergonomic design
  • User-friendly


The applications of the UP200Ht ultrasonic homogenizer are:

  • Emulsification
  • Homogenization
  • Disintegration
  • Cell disruption
  • Dispersing
  • Degassing
  • Sono-chemical and sono-catalytical processes
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