UP400S High Power Sonicator for Large Samples from Hielscher

UP400S High Power Sonicator for Large Samples from Hielscher

Hielscher offers a new, advanced 400 W ultrasonic device for the sonication of large samples in the laboratory. The UP400S is a powerful and reliable device and has sonotrodes of a diameter range between 3 and 40 mm. It is ideal for the sonication of sample volumes between 5 and 4000 ml, and in flow of up to 10 to 50 liters per hour can be sonicated.

The UP400S is primarily utilized for bigger volumes and proves suitable for developing ultrasonic applications and can also be used for bench top optimization. In order to improve the process safety and reproducibility, a remote interface or a PC-control to a central control of the user’s facility should be carried out. The PC-control helps in enhancing the reproducibility when following explicit sonication protocols. With unique flange connections and flow cells, liquids can also be sonicated at high pressures and temperatures. Sound protection box can be used when operating the UP400S.


The applications of the UP400S ultrasonic sonicator are:

  • Homogenization
  • Deagglomeration
  • Emulsification of liquids
  • Lysis and cell disintegration
  • Protein extraction
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