UIP1000hd 1kW Ultrasonic Homogenizer for R&D from Hielscher

UIP1000hd 1kW Ultrasonic Homogenizer for R&D from Hielscher

The UIP1000hd available from Hielscher is a powerful and adaptable ultrasonic device that is specifically designed for industrial processing and laboratory testing of liquids. The UIP1000hd is flexible, can be handled easily, and provides excellent performance in heavy-duty operation. These aspects make the device suitable for research and development.

The UIP1000hd device is utilized for process demonstration, process optimization, and lab scale feasibility testing for ultrasonic liquid processes. The flexibility of the UIP1000hd is attributed to various accessories, such as flow cells, sonotrodes, and boosters. Typically, the UIP1000hd can process about 1 to 5 m³ in a day. Multiple units or one of the larger ultrasonic devices are recommended for higher production throughput. In order to acquire a better processing quality, liquids can be sonicated using a flow cell reactor.

When a single device is used for lab testing, process demonstration, and bench-top optimization, both time and cost can be saved. The UIP1000hd covers a broad range of ultrasonic configurations.


The applications of the UIP1000hd 1kW ultrasonic homogenizer are:

  • Particle fine milling
  • Emulsifying
  • Dispersing
  • Lysis and extraction
  • Homogenizing
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