UIP16000 High Power Ultrasonic Processor – 16kW Homogenizer from Hielscher

The UIP16000, a powerful ultrasonic processor from Hielscher, provides up to 16,000 W of ultrasonic power. It works in groups of three or more units for huge volume processing, such as to disperse, homogenize, or deagglomerate. The processing capacity expands with the ultrasonic power when ultrasonic applications are extended on the basis of a straight line. The ultrasonic processor requires two 600x600 mm cabinets for typical setup.

Key Features

The product features of the UIP16000 ultrasonic processor are:

  • High power with minimum footprint
  • Self contained unit that includes transducer, generator, flow cell, sonotrode, and closed loop refrigeration
  • Allows a wide range of sonication parameters
  • Pre-configured to operate at optimal parameter configuration
  • Pre-configured stainless steel cabinets with noise-insulated walls
  • Easy to install and start-up
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