FRITSCH offers the new ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer that is suitable for studying particle size and shape of bulk solids and dry, free-flowing powders from 20µm to 20mm measuring range.

Through the optical analysis of particle shape and particle size, contaminates, damaged particles, agglomerates, undersized, or oversized particles can be detected quickly and accurately and can be easily viewed as single images. The instrument also provides a quick and efficient particle size measurement. The measuring time takes less than 5 minutes, depending on the sample quantity, and the result is a sample available instantly. These aspects make the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer an ideal measuring instrument for research and laboratory applications tasks.

Key Features

The main features of the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer are:

  • Fast and simple operation via SOP control
  • Extra wide measuring range, from 20µm to 20mm
  • High-performance camera with telecentric lenses
  • Optimal sample feeding via conveyance channel and AutoCheck
  • Freely configurable report generator for individual measurement reports
  • Extensive library for morphological analysis
  • Practical tools for reliable quality monitoring
  • Fast and economic alternative to sieving
  • FRITSCH-analysis software ISS. 
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