Navitar Fluorescent Imaging Vision System

Navitar Fluorescent Imaging Vision System

The Video ZFL Scopes available from Navitar are micro- and macro-fluorescence vision system that employ internal focus and interchangeable professional fluorescence cubes to generate images. Users can easily operate the ZFL systems to perform advanced fluorescence imaging without experiencing any significant costs and difficulties, which are common in a fully loaded research microscope.

A complete system needs a sophisticated digital camera, in addition to quantitative software and UV light source or LED Illumination from Navitar.

Key Features

The product features of the micro- and macro-ZFL systems are:

  • Field of view up to 9.2 mm with a 2/3" CCD
  • Micro mode uses professional infinity corrected objectives
  • Zoom and fixed systems available; both systems include fine focus
  • Remote UV light source features a durable metal halide bulb (for micro-ZFL)
  • BrightLight or UV light source, LED Illumination with durable 4.8 W LED (for macro-ZFL)
  • A range of lens attachments and adapters are available (for macro-ZFL)
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