VICTOR3 Multilabel Plate Counter Available from Conquer Scientific

Conquer Scientific offers VICTOR3 V (Victor3V/Victor 3V/Victor 3 V) Multilabel Counter, a multitask plate reader designed for all types of light-absorbing and light-emitting detection technologies, such as absorbance, UV absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, and time-resolved fluorometry. VICTOR3 V models are available with stackers and robotic loading system; 1420-040 and 1420-041 versions feature red sensitive PMT.

Customers can select the required detection technologies or can upgrade to suit specific application needs. VICTOR3 is a compact bench top unit and can be used as either a stand-alone instrument or can be integrated within a robotic system. Additionally, VICTOR3 counting modes can be easily accessed, and users can employ several different counting modes in the same protocol.

Key Features

The product features of the VICTOR3 Multilabel Plate Counter are:

  • Compact and multitask instrument
  • Can be operated as stand-alone or incorporated nto a robotic system
  • Comes with stackers and robotic loading system
  • Suitable for light-emitting and light-absorbing detection technologies


The specifications of the VICTOR3 V Multilabel Plate Counter are provided in the table below:

Luminescence Dual luminescence, flash luminescence, glow luminescence
Fluorescence (340 – 850 nm) Dual ratio measurements, top and bottom fluorescence
Photometry 340 – 800 nm
UV Photometry 260/280 nm
Fluorescence polarization 400 – 850 nm
Time-resolved fluorometry Dual window TRF, dual emission measurements


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