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ABI/Hitachi 3130xl Genetic Analyzer Available from Conquer Scientific

The Applied Biosystems/Hitachi 3130xl (3130 xl) Genetic Analyzer offered by Conquer Scientific is an advanced 16-capillary electrophoresis system designed for medium throughput labs. High performance and advanced automation capabilities of the system enable researchers to save time, optimize productivity and reduce expenditures. The genetic analyzer is in excellent condition.

The 16-capillary genetic analyzer and the 4-capillary genetic analyzer, which can be upgraded, offer benefits similar to the proven fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis system offered by Applied Biosystems. The 3130 and 3130xl models feature the same technology and software interface used in larger production-scale systems of Applied Biosystems.

Key Features

The product features of the ABI/Hitachi 3130xl Genetic Analyzer are:

  • Minimal setup
  • Simple and continuous operation
  • Highly flexible
  • Robust and reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Multiple polymer and array configurations improve performance for specific application
  • One polymer, one array makes it ideal for sequencing and fragment analysis applications; users can easily switch between sequencing and fragment analysis procedures in the same plate
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