CATLAB-PCS Microreactor - MS for Catalysis Studies from Hiden Analytical

Catalyst characterisation, kinetic and thermodynamic measurements

The Hiden CATLAB is a bench-top microreactor and combined mass spectrometer system for rapid and reproducible catalyst characterisation and reaction studies. The microreactor and mass spectrometer are delivered as a complete system from a single manufacturer, unique to the industry, ensuring optimum analysis via seamless hardware and software integration.

The modular design further allows both instruments to operate as stand-alone components so they may be interfaced with existing laboratory equipment such as TGAs or TCDs.

The Hiden CATLAB delivers a range of completely automated, dynamic, temperature programmed, pulse chemisorption and isothermal techniques. Recipe driven CATLAB software provides automatic control of gas composition and delivery, temperature ramp and set-point as well as full mass spectrometer parameter controls - a true first for the catalyst researcher. The standard system has 0-200 amu capability with options extending this to 1000 amu.

The Hiden CATLAB is a catalyst characterisation system designed to make the analysis of catalysts rapid and simple.

Features of the Hiden CATLAB include:

  • Pulse Chemisorption
  • TPD, TPO, TPR, TP-Reaction
  • Catalyst Screening
  • On-Line continuous product analysis
  • Metal Surface Area
  • Active Surface Area
  • Reaction Kinetics
  • Mechanisms of Surface Reactions
  • Heats of Adsorption

The CATLAB-PCS microreactor module for the combined roles of catalyst characterisation and rapid, reproducible screening of catalyst activity, featuring:

  • Fast response, low thermal mass furnace with integrated air-cooling.
  • 1-20 �C / min heating rates up to 1000 �C.
  • Hiden�s unique interchangeable Catalyst Cartridge System.
  • Close-coupled hotzone evolved species probe & direct QIC inlet for <500ms response.
  • �In-Bed� thermocouple for direct catalyst temperature measurement.
  • Automatic 2-8 gas stream manifold or combined gas / vapour manifold.
  • Independent Mass Flow control of each channel at 3-100 ml / min.
  • Corrosion resistant manifold configurations also available.
  • Seamless on-line, real-time studies with data acquisition and PC analysis.
  • Air thermostat and trace heating to minimise condensation of liquid feeds / products.
  • Shut-off / bypass flow configuration to seal reactor and gas sampling port.
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