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4SPIN Nanofiber Production Technology by Contipro

Contipro offers an advanced desktop laboratory device called Contipro 4SPIN C4S Lab1. This device can be used in the preparation of nanofiber layers from natural and synthetic polymer solutions as well in the production of nanofibers.

The 4SPIN is a modular device made of uniquely designed components. A central control system with intuitive handling built on multi-function button and touchscreen controls selected process parameters.

The 4SPIN includes four different types of collector units and emitters. These emitters are linked to a source and a dispensing mechanism, which contains the spinning mixture. Air ducts are included in most emitters that feed air at a controlled temperature and speed to the area around the nozzle throat.

These supplementary process parameters contribute to fiber formation and also help in acquiring the desired morphological parameters of fibrous materials.

Huge, flat and randomly structured samples and also samples with an exact uniaxially or multiaxially aligned internal structure can be created by using different types of collectors.

Owing to the modular design of the device, the electrodes can be easily cleaned and maintained and can be replaced when required. The single central control system ensures stable process conditions and preserves all operating data.

Key Features

The product features of the Contipro 4SPIN C4S Lab1 are:

  • Intuitive control with the option of saving data to a personal computer
  • Built-in dispensing system with a choice of inserting syringes with varying volumes of solution
  • Polymers of different types can be spun
  • Aligned and random nanofiber layers can be created with variable degrees of organization (up to 97%)
  • Exact configuration of rotating collector speeds
  • Automatic discharge of residual charge
  • Automatic configuration of collector distance
  • Monitoring and measurement of conditions during nanofiber manufacturing process
  • Air heating and flow velocity can be regulated with electroblowing.
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