VG Scienta Low Temperature Organic Deposition Cell for Research Applications

VG Scienta offers a highly dynamic, low temperature organic deposition cell that is specifically designed for research applications. This cell can heat up rapidly and prevents the wastage of expensive materials in extended stabilization procedures. This aspect enables the cell to cool down quickly and promotes enhanced stability and response while under control.

Each source is integrated with a main shutter to enable cell thermal stabilization, and also features a step shutter option for graduated step deposition. Users can easily access the evaporation chamber through the top flange design. The OLED Edge system is modular and comes with characterization and analysis units.

Key Features

The main features of the organic deposition cell are:

  • Temperature control is ± 0.1°C at all temperature; and cools down from 500°C to 100°C in <70 mins
  • Maximum operational temperature of the source is 600°C
  • Highest rate of deposition is 1A/sec at 300 mm substrate to source distance, and 2A/sec at 180 mm substrate to source distance
  • Quartz and aluminium oxide are standard crucibles
  • Comes in cylindrical or tapered form
  • Other materials are provided on request


The applications of the organic deposition cell are:

  • Printed electronics
  • Organics
  • OLED
  • OPV
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