VG Scienta - OFT Edge Modular Deposition Devices

VG Scienta - OFT Edge Modular Deposition Devices

VG Scienta offers the OFT EDGE Series of modular systems, which features configurable devices for depositing and assessing organic and inorganic layers on both solid and flexible substrates for device construction.

The OFT EDGE Series offers a strong, flexible platform for exploring the designs of both flexible and rigid organic transparent devices. These devices provide researchers with a wide set of parameters to develop new processes and guidelines and also to enhance existing methods. The system provides a configurable tool that enables customers to select the order and the content of the device to be fabricated. The tool was designed in consultation with OLED experts at the Technical University of Braunschweig.

The OFT EDGE device includes modules that can be incorporated into the multi-purpose cluster tool in combination with a central handler, or can be employed as stand-alone units in combination with a fast entry load lock.

Key Features

The main features of the OFT EDGE Series system are:

  • Handles about 100x100 mm square substrates
  • 'Plug and play' configurability
  • Computerized process controls
  • Application-driven product series with high flexibility in the choice of materials
  • Perfect control of multi-source deposition including co-deposition
  • Can be utilized as stand-alone units or with numerous configuration options


The applications of the OFT EDGE Series system are:

  • Polymer OLEDs
  • High contrast OLEDs
  • Top emitting OLEDs (TOLEDs)
  • Flexible OLEDs and substrates
  • Low process temperature ITO
  • OLED Colour tuning
  • Permeation studies

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