Gen IV Pulsed Plasma Deposition Source from VG Scienta

Gen IV Pulsed Plasma Deposition Source from VG Scienta

VG Scienta offers the GEN IV PPD (Pulsed Plasma Deposition) Source having a small geometrical form factor. The source can be easily mounted on a range of systems having one or more sources, and enables electron beam or plasma ablation of various solid targets with the highest repetition rate of 100 Hz of 5J pulses at a wide pressure range of operation gas. Additionally, the wide set of operation parameters enables users to change the process so as to obtain better quality deposited films at unusually high deposition rates with low substrate temperature (<60°C).

PPD offers an innovative Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) method for producing quality thin films from a wide range of oxides. With the help of PPD, high quality transparent conductive oxides can be deposited onto plastic substrates, such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, etc., at room temperatures.

Key Features

The main features of the GEN IV PPD source are:

  • Compact geometrical form factor
  • Made from stainless steel (SS304) and glass
  • Robust construction without any moving components
  • Perfect for parallel close packing PPD sources
  • Z-adjustable position in the deposition chamber
  • Adjustable operation gas inlet flow allows variable operating pressures of a variety of different gases
  • Can be baked up to 200°C
  • Low electromagnetic noise
  • Replaceable capillary for long lifespan


The applications of the GEN IV PPD source are:

  • Semiconductor layers
  • Thin film photovoltaics
  • Metal
  • Magnetic coatings
  • Flexible displays
  • Spintronics

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