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RIMA NANO™ - Hyperspectral Raman Imager from Photon etc

RIMA NANO™ - Hyperspectral Raman Imager from Photon etc

The latest innovation of Photon etc, the RIMA NANO™ Raman hyperspectral imaging system is the fastest micro-imaging system for nanomaterial analysis from graphene to carbon nanotubes. It offers speed as well as an excellent imaging quality at various excitation wavelengths.

Key Features

The key features of the RIMA NANO™ are:

  • Stokes and anti-Stokes
  • High spatial and spectral resolution
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Fast global mapping (non scanning)
  • Complete system (source, microscope, camera, filter, software)


The applications of RIMA NANO™ Raman hyperspectral imager are in:

  • Si/Ti Wafer Maps: The RIMA NANO™ was tested with a silicon substrate where a titanium pattern has been deposited. A single mode doubled Nd:YAG laser that operates at 532nm and a 100x Olympus microscope objective. The illuminated area has a 80µm diameter. The power density on the sample is 3kW cm-2. A signal is emitted from the Si substrate whereas from the Ti pattern, no light is emitted.

  • Nanomaterial Analysis: Global Raman imaging is an exceptional technique for the analysis of large surfaces of thin films and advanced materials. Its rapidity makes it a great tool not only for universities and research institutes, but also for industrial laboratories.

  • Carbon Nanotubes: Raman spectroscopy is a powerful tool for the non-destructive study of material properties. Stokes and anti-Stokes spectra of SWCNT powder were measured in less than an hour.

Specifications RIMA 532

RIMA 660

Spectral Range 90 - 4000 cm-1 200 - 4000 cm-1
Spectral Resolution < 7 cm-1 < 5 cm-1
Excitation Wavelength 532 nm 660 nm
Spatial Resolution Sub-micron
Microscope Upright
Objectives 20x, 50x, 100x
Camera Back-illuminated CCD camera 1024x1024px
Maximum Sample Format 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)
X,Y Travel Range 75 mm x 1000 mm
Z Stage Resolution 1 µm
Maximum Scanning Speed 150 ms
Wavelength Absolute Accuracy 1 cm-1
Video Mode Megapixel camera for sample visualisation
Preprocessing Spatial filtering, statistical tools, spectrum extraction, data normalization, spectral calibration
Hyperspectral Data Format FITS, HDF5
Single Image Data Format  JPG, PNG, TIFF, CSV, PDF, SGV
Software Computer with PHySpecTM control and analysis software included
Dimensions   ≈ 40" x 30" x 30" (102 cm x 76 cm x 76 cm)
Weight  ≈ 80 Kg


Laser  Additional excitation wavelengths available
Spectral Range Extension Anti-Stokes N/A
Camera HI Low-noise back-illuminated camera
Broadband COL camera Color 3MP Camera


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