MANTIS QPrep Deposition Systems for Sputtering Applications

MANTIS QPrep Deposition Systems for Sputtering Applications

The range of QPrep deposition systems is based on a true UHV, conflat flange platform to ensure both ease of use and improved pressure performance over KF/ISO platforms. The systems are ideal for magnetron sputtering, e-beam evaporation, nanoparticle deposition and other PVD thin film growing techniques.


The cylindrical chamber has a domed base with typically 6 confocal ports and accepts a wide range of deposition sources including DC/RF/pulsed DC/HiPIMS magnetron sputtering sources, nanoparticle sources, e-beam sources and plasma sources. The confocal configuration ensures excellent thin film uniformity with values of +/-3% for 4” samples.

The chamber features standard sidewall ports for a load-lock/quick entry door, viewing ports, thickness monitor, RHEED/LEED and feedthroughs. Typical base pressure in the chamber is 10-9 Torr without loadlock.

For true UHV base pressure (~10-10Torr) an internal stab-in heater as well as full external bakeout tent can be added to the system.


The sample is mounted in a face-down orientation and the stage offers options of rotation, heating (various ranges) and RF/DC bias. Sample stages are available to accept 1” (25mm) to 6” (150mm) samples, or multiple smaller samples on a platen.

For easy sample handling and maintenance access to the chamber, we have designed a pneumatic lift mechanism for the sample stage.


For sputtering applications we offer high quality UHV magnetron sputter sources. The magnetrons are mainly used for high rate target sputtering of standard and magnetic materials. All sources are equipped with integral gas feed allowing a higher local pressure to exist immediately above the sputter target than in the surrounding chamber. In this way the sources can be operated at lower overall pressures.

All sources are manufactured from UHV-compatible materials and may be baked to 250°C. They also have a very efficient grounded cooling circuit, where the water supply is disconnected from direct contact with high voltage, allowing simple mains water to be used.

The magnetrons can be fitted with different sets of magnets depending on required application. The sources offer an easy swap of internal magnets as the magnets are not glued to the instrument assembly.

All sources can be used for DC, pulsed DC or RF sputtering and are HIPIMS ready. Mantis can supply various power supplies on request.

We offer four sizes of planar circular magnetrons: 1", 2", 3" and 4".

Aside from standard sources, Mantis offers magnetrons with in-situ tilt, magnetrons mounted on linear Z-shift and linear sources.


QPrep deposition system can be automated with TITANIUM control suite. The TITANIUM organizes the workflow to meet operator needs at every stage of deposition process. The software features an intuitive user interface and simple meaningful visual displays. Designed for Microsoft Windows environment, it is a versatile platform for thin film process innovation, created for the novice and expert user.

TITANIUM offers excellent control over process parameter display, data logging for future analysis, real time graphics display and possibility of writing recipes for process automation.

QPrep series are used in manufacturing of:

  • semiconductor films
  • nanostructured films
  • multilayers
  • compound semiconductors
  • device metallisation
  • ultra thin films

QPrep UHV magnetron sputter systems

QPrep UHV magnetron sputter systems
QPrep UHV magnetron sputter system chamber
QPrep UHV magnetron sputter system sample stage
QPrep UHV magnetron sputter source
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